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Professionals across the world collaborate in a simple way of matching related skills, services, spotlights, and availabilities. Get access on-demand to talents, projects, remote jobs that matter the most to you. Help you be great at building your new connections, finding your new partners and expanding your new careers or business for growth, locally and globally.

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This is just like a modern business card saying: who you are, what you do, where you are from and any social links you’d like to share. It’s your shareable identity to community and your presences already built on the web.

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Post Projects about business support, technology assistance, outsourced design work or a research collaboration role. Set up your preferences, public or restricted to people you want to share with, time framework, location and more. All projects are hand-screened and aggregated by linking to the projects from around the web and users’ postings.

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No more worrying about the numbers of following or followers. No more bidding around for clients, commoditizing algorithms, or one-time anonymous 3 star reviews.

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