AWS Dec. 1, 2022 1 / 1
I help companies design & build web apps on AWS, particularly those of the serverless variety: I also run a bootstrapped SaaS product business:
Developer Advocate & trainer building cross-platform & cloud-enabled web & mobile applications.
Programmer by day and author by night. I am passionate about all things development related, but especially Amazon Web Services. I recently created a course about learning AWS by using it.
Tech Lead/Eng Manager working remotely who loves mountain biking, family and side projects.
I work with data analysts to support their interpretation of data sets, review and optimise code, and lead projects to build and deliver AWS solutions that support their work
Creative, Curious Maker, I have 5 years in Tech with some focus on Software Engineering, some network/ system/ and customer support. Hard working and collaborative, likes to help others. Hit me up!