software development Dec. 1, 2022 1 / 3
Full Stack Software Engineer with a background in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React. Passionate about personal projects and Guy Fieri memes.
Helping software developers level-up in their careers!
Dad 👶🏻😍 Obnoxiously joyful dude, fake extrovert, undercover nerd 🧙🏼‍♂️, Front End Eng @Google, author, into #JavaScript #UX #Art and stuff
Well, let's see. Egyptian, Developer, Tech & Open source enthusiast, Gamer, and also soon to be Blogger.
Independent open source innovator. Invented webhooks, co-created Docker, started Dokku, built RequestBin, inspired Ngrok, envisioned serverless, and instigated the modern hackathon. Also I make games.
/kreɪft·maɪ·ər/ Writes (about) software. Elixir & Ruby at AppSignal.