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My name is Prahlad Yeri, I am a Freelance Programmer and Writer.Educate and solve problems is my mantra. I work on full stack web development and automation projects.I work on a variety of …
Developer communities with Nordic compassion. I bring developers together to work, have fun and learn from each other. Founder of Turku ❤️ Frontend.
Full-time developer at a small company in Norway, and part-time hobby programmer in a medium sized house in Norway.
Creative Coder & Generative Artist. Born in Toronto, Canada, currently based in London.
I am an illustrator and a writer. This is what I have wanted to do all my life; it has always been my dream. I have an MA in media arts . I have illustrated a number of books, created several …
Programmer by day and author by night. I am passionate about all things development related, but especially Amazon Web Services. I recently created a course about learning AWS by using it.