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My name is Prahlad Yeri, I am a Freelance Programmer and Writer.Educate and solve problems is my mantra. I work on full stack web development and automation projects.I work on a variety of …
Developer communities with Nordic compassion. I bring developers together to work, have fun and learn from each other. Founder of Turku ❤️ Frontend.
I help companies design & build web apps on AWS, particularly those of the serverless variety: https://winterwindsoftware.com. I also run a bootstrapped SaaS product business: https://autochart.io.
Life Enhancer that loves startups and technology that empower us to create innovative products and services to solve hard problems though the use of Python.
Freelance Front-End Developer from Manchester, UK ★ @upfrontconf @Mcr_FRED @digiHike ★ Available for hire: https://s10wen.com
Young full-stack developer.