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My name is Prahlad Yeri, I am a Freelance Programmer and Writer.Educate and solve problems is my mantra. I work on full stack web development and automation projects.I work on a variety of …
I consider myself as a Digital Solutions Expert. I help and guide clients on making optimum decisions to solve their digital problems. My Software Engineering knowledge coupled with my experience in …
Tech Lead/Eng Manager working remotely who loves mountain biking, family and side projects.
Well, let's see. Egyptian, Developer, Tech & Open source enthusiast, Gamer, and also soon to be Blogger.
Lifelong learner who loves to play with new tech and share his findings with others.
A rookie developer interested in UI/UX designing w/ almost a year's worth of experience in Cordys Buisness Process Management Software, Front end development and Agile software development.