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My name is Prahlad Yeri, I am a Freelance Programmer and Writer.Educate and solve problems is my mantra. I work on full stack web development and automation projects.I work on a variety of …
I'm Fabio a Portuguese expat living in the UK for the past 5 years. I'm currently working for an airline as cabin crew and learning how to code in my free time.
🎏 compsci masters. ❤️ making web apps, tools, games, 3D art, stories, and more. 🌴love🌱plants🌿 ~
I consider myself as a Digital Solutions Expert. I help and guide clients on making optimum decisions to solve their digital problems. My Software Engineering knowledge coupled with my experience in …
I help people leave their 💩 jobs to become web developers.
Life Enhancer that loves startups and technology that empower us to create innovative products and services to solve hard problems though the use of Python.